These words really resonate with my soul, as a mother, as a designer, as a business person and as a human being. I feel that there really isn’t enough Grace in this world today.

So what does holding yourself to a standard of Grace actually mean?

For me, living by this standard of Grace means that I acknowledge that I am human, with human flaws and emotions and so is everyone else. It means that I strive to maintain the truth of who I am in all situations, both business and personal, even in the face of others disagreeing with me or not liking me because this gives me the breathing room and freedom to go about my day, be creative and enjoy my family without a ‘monkey on my back’.

I am passionate about design and branding. Making a clients vision and idea come to life by producing living branding and design, from nothing, is always a exciting. Each experience is unique and requires a level of commitment, honesty and trust in each other. Integrity plays a big role in my work because it is the cornerstone to building long term business relationships –  integrity goes hand in hand with creative freedom and that’s where all the good stuff happens!

For me, holding myself to a standard of Grace means striving to maintain a level of integrity that permeates all aspects of my life, from raising my children to interacting with other business people to choosing friendships and clients with who mirror my moral and business ethics.

So, holding myself to a standard of Grace means forgiving people, humans, over and over again (including myself). It means choosing personal relationships over business relationships every time. Yes, even when you stand to lose money through that choice. It means making connections, sharing knowledge and building people up. It means using my experience and skills to help people who may, at times, not appreciate my efforts. It means choosing to not say anything when I am hurt. It means circling back to forgiveness regularly.

Holding myself to a standard of Grace means trying to walk a black and white line in a very grey world – and sometimes completely on my own. Having said all this doesn’t mean I am perfectly in step with this ethos all the time, I am always the practicing student and counting to three or ten is often how I incrementally measure my day! I am not perfect and I’m getting better at forgiving myself.

Above all else, holding myself to a standard of Grace means constantly making decisions that bring peace to my soul so I can be free. Freedom releases my creativity. Creativity makes me happy.

By Robyn Oosthuysen | 30 Jan 2015

A Standard of Grace

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