The humble Bottlebrush holds a very special place in my heart … having been privileged enough to grow up on a beautiful Eastern Cape farm, I had ample space, a big beautiful, yellow wood passage ways to run through, always grass under my bare feet and a children’s dream garden to play hide and seek in. We had a wonderfully large Bottlebrush tree outside our dining room window where we would sit down as a family to eat every lunch time. The tree was always abuzz with millions of bees. I remember always watching the bees and those red spikey blooms which absolutely fascinated me. Now I’m grown and by pure chance have bought house with a bottlebrush right outside my bedroom window. It’s almost cathartic in a way to stare at it while I get dressed every morning, it’s like it helps me to think. I have used the bottlebrush designs in previous branding and find this lovely plant continues to inspire me.


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