It’s difficult to put into words what people mean to me sometimes because of the them shaped space that they fill in my life … and this is how I feel about Candace and Greg as they are a part of my second family. This second family who, while not related by blood, have know me almost my whole life and have advocated for me, supported me, loved me and been my much needed and used sanctuary at times – so words really can’t express my love and fondness for each of these beautiful people. So when they booked me for their maternity shoot, naturally, I was over the moon!

Another aspect that was special about this shoot is that they travelled home from overseas after being away from home for a long time and the farm Greg grew up for sale so this may well be the last time he gets to spend time on it as his home base. I tried to include some of the feel of this beautiful home and immaculate garden that his mom (and my God Mother), Carol, tends to lovingly every day and something we will all remember forever as gorgeous!

I love you guys and cannot wait to meet your little person, enjoy your beautiful photos!

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