Robs, would it be shallow of me to say that i enjoyed your beautiful packaging, complete with little stickers, stitched ribbon, perfect box and tissue paper as much as I loved the photos. I just love packages so I was completely tickled. And oh my goodness the two gorgeous frames with photos of my gorgeous kids. I was blown away. John and I loved the experience and the photos are a real treasure of our family and scenes of the farm. I’m quiet tearful. Thank you for capturing a piece of our life so perfectly. You deserve to be successful because you dot the i’s and cross the t’s! A rarity in business’ these days!

Karen Fletcher (Photography client)


After hearing so much about Robyn from Design Ardour and seeing the amazing work she does for two fellow photographers I decided to contact her about my next step to growing Michelle Guziński Photography.

I initially planned to just meet with Robyn to talk about a new marketing strategy. Little did I know that this is where I’d be standing today. Not only has the look, feel and tenor of Michelle Guziński Photography changed but also MY outlook on my business – where it should be and more importantly my view of myself as a photographer and worth as such! 

Robyn did not meet my expectations … She exceeded them! In leaps and bounds. 

More so, as a marketer and extremely talented designer, ideas just rolls off the top of her head! It’s like she has an idea generator up there that is constantly on. It never ceases to amaze me! 

And it MUST BE SAID – Design Ardour takes customer service to a whole new level and anyone that knows me knows that I am not an easy client to please. So well done to Designer Ardour for achieving that  : )

Robyn is a strong woman in her field and I feel I can trust my brand and business path in this woman’s more than capable hands to help me grow Michelle Guziński Photography to heights that I had only hoped for in the past. 

While spending long hours and many days together building the new website I had the pleasure of meeting Robyn’s family. It was here that I also saw that her family is as important to her as mine is to me. And it was wonderful to acknowledge that we, as women, can have a fulfilling family lives as well as hold successful careers.  

I certainly look forward to a long, fruitful relationship with Robyn – Design Ardour. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again … You Rock Chick!

Michelle Guziński: michelle@michelleguzinksi.comwww.michelleguzinksi.comFacebook
(Photographer: Michelle Guziński Photography)



The opportunity to “upgrade” not only the look of, but the status of my product,  came at the perfect time!  Having spent more time Robyn, my mind has electrified with ideas and possibilities!

I have learnt so much from this experience too, what works, what doesn’t and why! 
Robyn`s knowledge, talent, passion and dedication to making things work for her clients is very much appreciated and invaluable!   

 Lisa Tarr: • view her Facebook page or website for more information
(Business owner and Creative Director)



Thank you to Robyn for your talent, devotion and hard work! Yes for those wondering I virtually travelled to South Africa to get this done! As for the logo, it’s truly amazing! Thank you so much for everything!

Szymon Szymczakowski: • click to visit Szymon’s Facebook page •
(International wedding, lifestyle and fashion photographer)



Robyn helped me to clarify how I wanted to go forward with my business idea.  I turned to her again where she helped me with visualizing the exact way I wanted to express my product.  She is incredibly creative and helped to fill in the blanks and gave great tips and pointers.  Robyn is very talented and I highly recommend working with her.

Ina Lottering:
(Business owner and property developer)



I had a creative consultation with Robyn over Skype about revamping my business a bit.  She gave me loads of advice on improving my website, ideas for marketing and new insights about my business.  She goes out of her way to help and give advice, I got way more than what I expected and paid.  She really knows what she’s doing.  She has a wealth of knowledge about all things surrounding a business and comes highly recommended, be it for building your brand from scratch or just to give you a new perspective on an existing business.

Ilze louw: •
(International photographer)



I have had the privilege of collaborating with Robyn Oosthuysen on several projects over the past four years. Whether big or small, the professionalism and creativemind which she brings to each project are distinct and indivisible from one another. Robyn is the true creative but with an acute business sense that compels her to unerringly pay attention to the smallest of details in her clients’ briefs. I have yet to see a brand that has not been reinvigorated by her artistic touch, add her marketing savvy and you won’t look back. It is always a pleasure to work with Robyn and her spirit of trust, openness of mind, willingness to explore new approaches and to teach and guide from her own experiences make for a winning partnership in my books.

Kerry Peter: • +27 (0) 83 794 0005 • click to view Kerry’s brandingclick to view additional work
(Owner of Kerry Peter Word Weaver)



Robyn is an extremely talented designer, with an eye for detail, flow and colour. Far from being an ethereal ‘time doesn’t matter’ artist I have found her to be that very rare being, an artist who understands and appreciates ‘deadlines’. Robyn also takes the time to explain, without being condescending, why the brilliant idea of mine is actually a really terribly design plan …  Love working with Robyn, she a creative genius who understands us mere mortals …

Cindy Deutschmann: • +27 (0) 46 603 8457 • click to view work
(Data Services Co-Ordinator, Development & Alumni Relations Division, Rhodes University)



Thank you Robyn for being an answer to my prayers. When I needed help, you helped me with more than what I knew I needed to invest in my business. You gave me the confidence in my product. Because of the vision you had you made my branding a winner.

Anne Fella: +27 (0) 83 256 7215 • click to see the Anne Fella branding • visit her Facebook page  



Robyn is without doubt the most talented and creative person I have ever had the privilege of engaging. I am truly grateful to have someone of her calibre developing, maintaining and growing my brand. Her knowledge of the various tools available to promote my product and reach my target market is astounding and awe inspiring. She is meticulous to a fault, and nothing short of perfection is an acceptable standard, from a child’s birthday party invitation to promotional material for a significant client event. Her attention to detail forces me to consider elements of marketing which would have otherwise gone totally unexplored. The time she takes to fully comprehend my products, clients and suppliers allows her to develop a strategy which directly targets my needs. Without doubt, she is the most unsurpassed designer I have ever worked with.

Esther Mason: • see the Jubilee brandingvisit their Facebook page




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