Dear fresh and green

Dear wannabe, fly-by-nighter, claim-to-be and six-week-courser. Dear misguided ‘I did a Pastel course, but I also have MS Paint, Publisher and Word’. Dear sweet ‘I’m naturally creative you should see my Washi Tape collection’. Dear helpful ‘oh I’ll just throw something together for you, I’m great in Excel’. Dear fresh and green ‘Oh don’t worry I can just shoot that on my iPad!’ Dear ‘that will look cool in Comic Sans and Papyrus.’ Dear ‘my cousin used to work at a printer.’ Dear ‘we can just google a design in clip art.’

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my huge, big, qualified and experienced designer heart for ‘taking out the trash’ for me. That was so kind of you. I am so impressed that you considered how tedious it would be for me to have to constantly churn out the same ol’ same ol’ tired design layout over and over again with zero thought or consideration to anything worthy of being called a design. Thanks so much for swooping in with your ‘I’m here to cut your lawn AND I have MS Word so I’ll just design this for free’ attitude because you have saved me a HEAP of trouble! That was truly the most gracious and empathetic thing another human being has ever done for me! Wow. I truly couldn’t thank you enough and I don’t really know where to begin, but I’ll try …

Because of you I don’t have to deal with that client who’s constantly bargaining my prices down, thank you. Because of you I’m actually getting paid for what I am quoting on and not spending three of four days on a 3 hour job … thank you! Because of you I can play a roll in collaborating with fierce and brilliant, creative independents in their own fields of language, photography and art to put together projects and designs that BLOW MINDS! Thank you! Because of you I am not waking up at night feeling choked by that heavy anxiety over how to manage all my work while that one job is just wreaking havoc on my production schedule, costing me loads of overtime and bottle necking the rest of my projects; not to mention the extremely long hours taking me away from my family. Really, I thank you. Because of you these lovely people will pay to have me professionally design and manage their branding in order to have it done right the FIRST time … I am saluting you right now! Because of you I am dealing with a level of client who KNOWS my worth; clients who have seen and understood the value of my knowledge, experience and insights and how working in partnership with me can help them GROW their businesses. Thank you. Because of you I am working with people of integrity, character, high moral ethics and whose businesses align to my own business ethos! WOW. THANK YOU!

You have been generally instrumental in elevating all levels of my working life. My confidence and my creativity have never been higher!

Thank you!


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