My precious little gentleman turned 5 the other day … and in between ridiculously cold, rainy and gloomy weather God gave us the most magnificent day to have his party. We were truly blessed! It was sunny, warm and so full of love and joy. God is also growing an amazing group of mom-and-dad-friends for myself and Jacques … it’s incredible to have these parents in our lives whom we can turn to and share such awesome days with. We also have such amazing supportive families. My darling sister not only hosted this amazing day at her lovely venue, Wonderland Play Park, in Port Alfred, but ALSO catered all the food, goodies and my boy’s beautiful Lego cake! Thanks Jules, you’re the best X My boy was so thoroughly spoilt that he has literally thanked me again and again (at 5 years old!) every day for his awesome day. He won’t soon forget this. Thanks everyone who made it possible and everyone who had to travel to get there – your company was immensely appreciated.

PS if you want to get good shots of your kid blowing out their candles then use magic candles, they don’t go out and amidst the confusion and continuous blowing you get some cool funny face shots!


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