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Eastern Cape Lifestyles was the start of an ‘Unwrap Eastern Cape’ campaign which was to include calendars, books, brochures and branded tourism goodies; ‘Unwrap Eastern Cape’ was going to create products that promoted the lifestyle of the Eastern Cape to bring in tourism and investment in the province. The Eastern Cape Lifestyles bookazine (soft cover coffee table magazine) showcases each of the districts within the Eastern Cape as promoted by Eastern Cape Tourism. These are a few of my favourite spreads.

Design Ardour | Art & Design by Robyn Oosthuysen | Publishing | Bookazine | Eastern Cape LifestylesRobyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-91Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-92Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-93Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-94Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-95Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-96Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-97Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-98Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-99Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-100Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-101Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-102Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-103Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-104Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-105Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-106Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-107Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-108

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