I have mentioned a lot in my Facebook sneak peeks how much I admired the relationship between these three sisters during this shoot. I can only conclude that mom and day, Belinda and Andrew, have done an excellent job: #familygoals!

I arrived at Kasouga, another inherantly local, beautiful and undeveloped Eastern Cape beach, on a stunning sunny afternoon in very early January. It was one of those typically blue skied, lazy hot days with clear water and beach haze in the distance that you didn’t want to end. Ah. Perfection! Only topped by the shear love these humans had for each other. I was in awe. It really moved me …

Belinda, Andrew, Julia, Alyssa and Lindsay I loved editing your photos and smiled through it all remembering the lovey shoot. It was definitely a first to be ferried across a lagoon with my equipment – there was some nipping and planning how I’d save it should we topple!

I look forward to the next one 🙂

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