My little boy and I went for a stroll the other day; we were later joined by his dad and sister, but this was out little outing – our time. He was very excited to be able to pick up leaves and acorns in his new special tin which had a drawing on it of a doggy the same as his! He donned his knitted owl beanie, gumboots and stripped shirt, an outfit entirely of his own making, and we headed to a pretty place – soon we were blowing dandelions, running up and down stair and jumping off fountains. He was in his element. It was a true reminder that it’ truly the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joys … spending time with the ones I love is my greatest joy ever. I thank God for the time with these special little humans! A shout out to #TheProvostCafé for being open late enough on a Sunday afternoon to catch a last cappuccino – this is a big deal in a small town where businesses still close on weekdays between 1pm and 2pm for lunch!


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