Since I met Chade this lady has tickled my funny bone! She’s been working hard for this shoot, happy 30th birthday Chade, you deserve all the successes of your hearts desires — stay refreshingly you! She wrote a letter to her gorgeous little 3 year old, about her life’s lessons up to now, to go with her gorgeous cake smash portraits …

Open letter to my daughter on her 30th birthday

Hey guurrrlllll…

How you doing? Hoping you are reading this basking in the Caribbean sun, sipping margaritas with that hot Italian lover you’ve been drooling over for the past 5 years.
But if you’re not, that’s ok too.

One thing I’ve learnt in my 20s is that nothing comes easy, except for hangovers – they hit you like a train on high speed as you age. So first piece of advice. Google hangover cures before a night out and have it ready before bed. You’ll thank me later.

Secondly, just do it! You know that bucket list thing that people keep raving about? And you were always like nah! DO IT! JUMP of a bridge, fly a plane, eat the cows testicles. Let go of your inhibitions and get shit done.

Thirdly, shit happens. Life is going to hit you with even crappier shit to deal with as you grow, but it’s up to you on how you deal with it. If you’re going to crawl into a hole and cry for days. That’s fine. But when you’re done, get your ass up, dust yourself off and MOVE ON.

Lastly, learn to LOVE YOURSELF more. Dammit!!! There is enough time for everything and everyone in a day. Make time for yourself, do something for yourself. Even if you just take 10minutes to reflect on what you’ve accomplished that day. THAT’S FINE!

Your 20s are now a thing of the past and I think there is so much hype linked to this new decade, so embrace it. Review the past, see where you made mistakes and work on them. Work on being better.

Three things to remember
*change isn’t always a bad thing
*age really is just a number
*dont be a yess mam!!!!

Keep grinding
Lots of love your ever loving mom

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