We all have dreams and aspirations, both in our personal and business lives … and in between we sharing memes, inspirational posts and stories, we watch all our Facebook friends doing wonderful things, meeting new people, having more babies, travelling, creating and being generally awesome. We watch. We compare. We feel like shit.

In the meantime what we don’t see is people working their asses off to get that accolade at work or what they’re giving up to save for that trip. We don’t see they have the same issues with their kids not sleeping, eating, nappies or fill in the blank … It appears that they have landed with their bums in the butter, but it never occurs to anyone that they had to climb that mountain to get to the top or  that they had to work for 20 years to get that good at what they do … but people don’t see.

We are all mossies: we keep our eyes on the ground looking for any morsel we can find. We quickly get out of the way of anything bigger than ourselves. We are all insecure. We are all small. We are all the same. We are all plain. We are all boring. We are not special. We stick to our own kind. We get on with what we know. We all think we’re not any of these things.


We are all mossies: we get through every single day the best we can. We are adaptable. We can live side by side the bigger and smaller creatures and STILL keep our wits about us. We are hardy. We are strong. We enjoy the company of others and we can share our bounties. We are bring joy to others by just being ourselves. People would miss us us if we were gone. We are unique in our sameness and that is somehow really bonding. We all think we’re not any of these things.

So just get on with being the best mossie you can be. Because good or bad, we are all mossies.

Mossie / bird / Robyn Oosthuysen / Art, Design, Images / Artist / Digital Painting

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