I have no idea what their real name is, but honestly, these little wild flowers that grow in the grass (weeds to most people) make my heart strings sing! Everything about them shouts for joy and oozes happiness. They smell divine, they make you want to just take of your shoots (and clothes) and just roll around in their super velvety softness and … you can pop-flick their little yellow heads off, with your thumb, in an endless game!

Growing up these flowers on a farm, come spring, these beauties were everywhere … there were fields of them and we thoroughly enjoyed them! They bring to me this nostalgic peace and happiness and they remind me of my dearest old gramps – the best man God ever breathed life into, my hero, my protector, mysterious and hilarious, magic, and the most precious spirited human that I have ever had in my life. Who, incidentally, taught me the fun of popping off their heads!

So with love, here’s the surface pattern design collection inspired by these Yellow Pops’. Go find some, pop them and roll in them. Enjoy!

YellowPopsCollection-1YellowPopsCollection-2YellowPopsCollection-3YellowPopsCollection-4YellowPopsCollection-5YellowPopsCollection-6YellowPopsCollection-7YellowPopsCollection-8YellowPopsCollection-9YellowPopsCollection-10Footnote: thanks Caffeinista for the company, the candid family snaps that day and your continuous support of my work, always very much appreciated! 
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