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Art, wine and jazz … what better tonic to rejuvenate your creative drive for the shows on your crammed Festival schedule? Driven by the dynamic Ros and Dale Paul at The Highlander, this exhibition space has flourished into a high-end arts hub amid the National Arts Festival’s burgeoning art exhibition spaces. Drawing together a unique clique of exciting artists from the Eastern Cape and further afield, The Highlander provides a welcome and highly sought after alternate venue that forms a confluence for all the essential things in life – art, wine, food and music.

In addition to the regular exhibition areas, The Long Room, formerly a theatre venue at The Highlander, has also been given over to art, opening up the space for the growing family of artists who seek to display their work at this high end venue. Some of these artists have exhibited at this venue for four years.

The Highlander is the place to view classic, vintage and collectable art and to connect with fellow arts appreciator in a vibrant and atmospheric art space. The restaurant offers excellent dining and coffee, with plenty of comfortable spaces to relax and reflect on just how stunning your new purchases are going to look own your home. This is the only exhibition space at Festival that is open after five, so take your art with a glass or two of wine before your delicious evening meal. Collector’s art goes with collector’s wines, so make your choice of a fine wine while you’re about it

With an eclectic jazz space downstairs at The Lowlander, you’ll have your whole evening taken care of. As you linger a little longer in conversation over all things artistic, while away the evening hours to the soulful strains of our jazz artists playing downstairs where you can immerse yourself in live jam sessions from 8.30pm till late from 3 – 9 July. There is also a pub-style menu from which you can select a slightly different but equally delicious meal.

Artists  who are exhibiting include:
Dale Morris
Rick Becker
Michaela Rinaldi
Karen Flood
Dominique Thoenes
Shirley Pittaway
Belinda Ardé
Mary Fowlds
Tessa Lovemore
Cheryl Castle
Bruce Little
Justin Hervey
Carol Slabolepszy
Janay Williams

The Highlander is open from 10.30am to 9pm daily at 10 Worcester Street
Jazz@The Lowlander from 8.30pm till late 3 – 9 July. Entrance is R30

The Artists

Karen Flood’s striking representations in oils and acrylics are a vibrant display of the artist’s passion for nature. Based in Port Elizabeth her work takes inspiration from global environmental issues and emphasises the concept of sustainability and ranges from landscapes and flora and fauna to still life and coastal scenes.

Rick Becker draws his inspiration from the Karoo for his landscapes which are semi-realistic, and portray the solitude and subtle beauty of that area. His abstracts and landscapes, mostly in oils and acrylics are atmospheric and engaging paintings, executed with precision.

Shirley Pittaway paints diverse subjects in acrylics with mixed media textures in a contemporary colour palette. Undoubtedly known for her Eastern Cape landscapes, notably her vibrant aloes. The Art Gallery on Stanley in Port Elizabeth, where she exhibits her work, combines art and decor to celebrate the natural instinct and talent inherent in her work.

Belinda Ardé is a successful professional artist based in Cape Town. Her work encompasses charcoals, landscapes, portraiture and figurative works in oils. Her sensitive eye for colour, form and aesthetic appreciation is evident in her palette, painterly approach and emotive brushwork. “My work is largely representational and I strive to paint my participated experience in life. Inspiration, beauty, honesty and an appreciation of life can be found in unexpected places,” she said. “Looking and truly seeing are poles apart and I strive to convey this in both my art and teaching.”

Mary Fowlds has a strong presence in her versatile mix of paintings in oil and mixed media. Mary believes that “art is dependent on observation and strong visual elements”.

Cheryl Castle in an artist from Kenton-on-Sea. Her evocative narrative paintings, mainly oils for this exhibition, are also exhibited at the Sky Gallery, Kenton-on-Sea and The Arthaus, Belmont Road, Kalk Bay.

Tessa Lovemore’s work celebrates in oils and acrylic, the beauty of creation as a praise to the Creator.

Dale Morris, a freelance photographer and author, is well known for his photographic evocations of the wild spaces of Southern Africa. His deep passion for and knowledge of the natural world finds expression in fine art photography. He is also an award-winning photojournalist.

Michaela Rinaldi’s work is predominantly figurative she says, “I have no interest in proportion or perfection. I capture a feeling. … My latest affair is with color!” With no formal training as an artist, the discovery of her talent has been a journey of personal growth through painting, a therapy that she is compelled to go to daily.

Dominique Thoenes has pursued her dreams and adventured around Africa and the world. She lives between Kenya and South Africa, exploring all the creative avenues the continent has to offer. The concept behind her company, Bella Matata, is to use her vibrant art and creativity to highlight and contribute towards worthy community projects in Africa, as well as working as a profit making business in Africa. We know you will love “Stripes in Stilettos”.

Self-taught, instinctual, Bruce Little sculpts to capture the spirit of the wild African creatures he has observed and guarded for most of his life. His technique captures the essential movement and attitudes of his subjects. His sculptures range from miniatures to life size. Formerly a game ranger and forever a conservationist, Bruce lives in the Eastern Cape and is now a full time sculptor.

Justin Hervey was born into a family of artists in Zimbabwe and says “there was influence and guidance from an early age, to look and see things more differently.” Justin preferred medium has evolved from pencil, charcoal and conte chalk, to oils and watercolour. You can’t miss Justin’s nguni cattle and his fascinating city streetscapes.

Carol Slabolepszy’s has always had a special love for clay and sculpting. A former professional ballerina and later professional artist, she began making life-size hares out of clay. So began My Hares and Graces, resulting in a collection of hand-made, life-size sculptures of hares, cats, a Whippet, a Schnauzer and a Daschund have a gentle presence in any art lover’s home. A percentage of the sales of My Hares is donated to the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Riverine Rabbit Project. “My Graces are my skills – painting, sewing and mosaicking – that have ‘up cycled’ many things from clothes to furniture and flooring.

Janay Williams is a fine artist with an understated talent who creates the kind of art that makes your heart smile. Her selection of watercolour cats are quite simply must haves while her bunny and hare fine art prints are best bought in pairs … at least!


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