From her hands to yours, Madeleine Murray has been bringing you art for your kitchen and home for the last 30-odd years, with a tangible love you can feel in each texture of each hand made piece she’s produced. With renewed vigour from a course in New York and trip to Peru in recent months, Muddylane Ceramics has the beginnings of some gorgeous commercial lines. Along with Madeleines trademark colour, texture, drawing and sketching decorative style that we’ve come to know and love she’s begun to venture into screen printing. This I just absolutely adore …

I have known ‘Aunty Madd’ my whole life, I grew up on the farm next door to hers, her children when to school with me and my siblings, and we belonged to the same farming community for a very long time. It’s always very special to me finding new connections in old relationships such as this on an artistic and business level, especially with such a genuinely talented and humerous human. It makes my heart happy to feel like I am truly making a difference to someone whom I have ‘always known’ and to take them on as a client.

Connecting with NEW people, fresh ideas and unadulterated talent is also invigorating: I have had the absolute joy of working with Caffeiniista on two amazing recent shoots, both of which would not have been the same without her brilliant stylist’s eye. A special thank you for your assistance on this ‘quick shoot’, your touches have come through in all my images, and you got my brief to create beautiful lifestyle shots, using the Muddylane Ceramics products, absolutely spot on. I love the way you brought in the artisanal breads and cheeses and grabbed what you needed on hand to pull together elements I’d not have thought to combine myself. Your natural talent for composition and eye for detail are a killer combination! Thank you again for your time, it is so very much appreciated! This lady is going places fast, she’s definitely someone to watch, follow her on her Facebook page: Caffeiniista, or on Instagram: @caffeiniista


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