Sometimes you can know someone for years before you finally ‘meet’ them, and sometimes when you meet them later you just know this was the right time in your life to start to get to know and appreciate each other, ya know?

This was the case with myself and Ellouise – both locals from the same town, same school and many overlapping circles, but we have only really got to know each other a bit more through work and specifically through this shoot, which was a long time in the making, planning and final execution.

Elle is one of those detail oriented people who like to plan, question, plan, think on things, and plan some more … which is understandable considering the content of this specific shoot, but which I sincerely appreciated because many people don’t give the this a second thought at all. So inevitably she came to understand my work on a whole different level, and it has to be said that nothing is sexier to me than a beautiful brain!

Elle has been on a serious journey of self discovery, recovery and becoming the physical embodiment of the soul she truly is. She has positively channeled her mental journey into the strength and fitness of her physicality with stunning results.

Elle was brave enough to allow me to photograph her nude form, merging her idea of an athletic, sporty style shoot with my idea of an artistic, emotive, black and white final collection of work.

The spirit and nature of this woman have been an honour to capture. I am very proud of this work. Understandably I will only be showing you the clothed shots, which are still phenomenal, so enjoy!


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