bellissimi fiori

I’ve never been a ‘girly girl’, but I have always loved flowers … drawing, painting and photographing them in all their amazing, colourful, textural design and wonder. I can obsess over the gnarliest wild pod or most delicate garden bud all the while thinking how utterly amazing our God is for coming up with all these amazing designs and colours. Photographing ‘floral everythings’ has been unbelievably helpful with growing my photography as it’s a constant challenge to capture the true colour, create the perfect composition and focus on the littlest or largest details of each image. It’s also surprisingly therapeutic. From all of this, bellissimi fiori, my new range of floral cards, has been born! For now they are available for sale at ec fresh, a brand new florist in town, so feel free to pop in or order from their page. Enjoy!

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