As a busy creative I often find myself in ‘robot mode’, marching through the motion of getting projects done – a focus which is necessary in business, but while I love my work very much, I am faced with new challenges in each job and often many jobs in one day, which makes it vital to keep your clear and mind sharp.

And so sometimes, in between work, it becomes necessary to create a change of scenery for myself … and as it’s not alway possible (or time efficient) to get away from my desk I have begun doing a 5 minute project – creating a bubble of new inspiration which gives my brain the little break it needs. Enabling it to do something creative, pretty and pleasurable while reshuffling my focus for the next task ahead! It’s really basic, but it works.

My 5 minute projects are creating colour swatches and pallets which serve the dual purpose of receiving a fresh new perspective on my favourite images and creating #ColourLife content I can pin for future clients.

*Pinterest is a powerful tool in creating brand identities for new clients as I get a clear idea of what they have in mind for the work they expect from me, it’s also a great way to get them them to pair down their ideas and create a more concise and clear idea in their own minds before they brief me for the design. My Colour Life pin board is a tool I use to help clients open their minds to new colour combinations when beginning the creative process.

Sometimes we walk through life and completely miss the magic right under our noses … the process of picking the colours is pretty magical in itself, when you really look you see so many that it makes it tough to choose a pallet to express the image! It’s a great little focusing exercise and it’s really fun. Additive even … I could go on … but I’ll just let you enjoy the wash of #ColourLife colour


www.designardour.com // Robyn Oosthuysen Images // #ColourLife

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