So it seems that the more I try to escape the drama the more it seems to find me, I am now going to fling some mud back in drama’s face and hope it gets the message and backs the hell up and leaves me alone!

Those who know me know that when I have been affected – either by words, actions, blatant rudeness, idiocy or, in this case, the inertialess mental drama of anothers imagination – we’re talking Anne Marie Wilkes Dugan – I like to channel my reaction into something creative, something positive, something that is going to push me forward instead of hold me back. I paint, I draw, I doodle, I blog, I buy other people coffee (#happinessinacup!) and a lot of the time I create a meme. After my initial fizz, growl, bubble and pop, yes, I meme! This is not a CIA size secret. It’s my genuine reaction to dealing with Crazy – especially on a Monday! My meming hopefully positively affects someone else and on the black and white scales of right and wrong in the back on my creative brain the injustice, irritation, annoyance or outright stupidity I was subjected to is all neatly rebalanced and all is again right with the world.

As a Fan of the Design Ardour Facebook or Twitter feeds you wouldn’t tell from looking where this ‘Anti Hater Meme’ (AHM) slots in amongst the others, and not surprisingly I get GREAT response to the AHMs from those many, many others having a bad day, feeling low or needing to find encouragement at that moment which really empowers them and in turn me … again, balancing out the world of rubbish I have just had to deal with from said haters.

Recently, also not unexpectedly, I have had the particular hater who originally inspired an AHM be upset to the point of saying they ‘KNOW’ that it was directed at them … Uh, DUH! Yes. Unless you wanna come over and volunteer for me to slap you then I will channel, channel CHANNEL! And, hater, ya know that old saying: If the shoe fits, wear it? Weeeellll … in this case, if the meme fits baby!

If seeing your actions turned positive makes you uncomfortable or upset that your rude or untoward behaviour did not have the desired effect on me that you intended then … I’m not sorry. I am purged!

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favour … If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart … If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.”
William Shakespeare


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