I cannot write about the people I love without balling my head off. My mom, especially, is one of those, and as I sit here trying to put into words the deep love and appreciation I have for my mother, the tears are streaming down my cheeks. I’m nearly 40 and she affectionally calls me “baby cheeks”. We have this thing where I say, “Do you still love me?” And she replies, “More than toast and Gooseberry jam!” PS this would be jam SHE has made from Gooseberries that she’s actually grown HERSELF!

She is gently steadfast, strong and I know she loves fiercely, deeply and with her whole being. I get that from her. This is simultaneously an amazing strength and one of our weaknesses because we are easily hurt. She is one of those rare beings who chooses to see the good in everyone and gives people many more chances than they deserve simply because SHE is a good person, regardless of how many they have already had. I am not as trusting, I never will be, and that’s ok.

I am still crying …

So this weekend mom came with me on a bit of a long weekend location scout and was up for driving along every random side road from Grahamstown, through Hogsback, up to Cathcart, Stutt and back! Neither of us have ever taken so many selfies in our lives, but I grabbed the opportunities as they presented themselves and I’m going to continue to embarrass and harass her for photos because at the end of the day, a photo and memory is all we have left. It’s important!


Mom I adore you. I loved every minute of just being with you, quietly chatting, reminiscing, learning more about you and your childhood. I cannot wait for our next trip! I love you X

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