Sasolnews | Inhouse news tabloid for Sasol employees

Sasolnews was a large format tabloid, produced for Sasol employees, printed on beautiful recycled paper which was very appealing to touch and hold. The Sasolnews was a platform for Sasol to promote it’s brand directly to it’s employees which I think is an absolutely genius idea! Working on this publication was an intense lesson in how to design within an established heavy international brand and still produce something creative and different from previous issues – depending on the content and images provided this was often quite a challenge, but one that I thoroughly loved! It’s another one of my personal favourite projects that I have been privileged to work on.

Design Ardour | Art & Design by Robyn Oosthuysen | Publishing | Tabloid | Inhouse | Sasolnews | SasolRobyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-165Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-166Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-167Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-168Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-169




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