As expected, the solo exhibitions showcased at the Carinus Art Centre were spectacular. From what I could see everyone who came to see the art found a favourite piece in each exhibition … From beautiful, practical and conceptual ceramics, to prints, to oils, to quirky charcoal and ink, you will NOT be disappointed! A word of warning: DO NOT GO UNWALLETED to this show, TAKE YOUR MONEY, CREDIT CARD and CHEQUE BOOK!

Of course, while I appreciate the unbelievable technique, concept, medium and all around darn hard work of each of these amazing artists, my personal faves were the always brilliant and resolute Peter Midlane and fun, random, adventurous, super brave and soul bearing Tori Stowe.

A million years ago I was one of Mr Midlane’s most mediocre history of art students … flying through my painting and drawing pracs, but dragging my sorry behind through the history side of the subject … (PS thank you for always being patient and never kicking me out your class as much as I deserved it!)

Tori’s work just speaks to me on SO many levels! I relate to it as a designer, artist and  human … albeit a slightly stranger and crazier than normal human! I think she’s ‘cracked the code!’ She has perfected the balance between mass vs personal appeal, she’s crossed the age barrier and managed to appeal to ALL ages and tastes, her quirky sense of humour oozes from each of her smaller pieces, which makes them so easy to fall in love with! She’s been brave enough to reveal her creative spirit, as is evident in her ‘wild horses’, and bears her soul’s journey through all her work – this bring a humanness into her work which is so attractive.

Ok, so, maybe I’m possibly one of her biggest fans, but don’t let my bias stop you from seeing for yourself!


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