Molo Makana | Tourism booklet & Annual Report

Molo Makana, meaning ‘Hello Makana’ in Xhosa, was a brochure put together for local Grahamstown Tourism. Along with developing a uniquely Xhosa inspired brochure and annual report design I also developed an interactive Molo Makana CD. This was a cost saving exercise since tourism departments are notoriously short on cash, but I still wanted them to have the benefit of a well designed and executed final product for their International Tourism Trade Show stall – the interactivity worked both on and offline, but hyperlinks became alive with internet connectivity of course. I have included detailed shots of the Xhosa inspired layered patterns and flat mini-graphics.

Design Ardour | Art & Design by Robyn Oosthuysen | Publishing | Brochure | Makana | Annual ReportRobyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-74Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-75Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-76Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-77Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-78Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-79Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-80Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-81Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-82Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-83Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-84Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-85Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-86Robyn_Oosthuysen_Publishing-87

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