And then there was Solly Smook. The end.

My art-heart has truly been in it’s creative element this Festival, I have been finding beautiful canvas treasures everywhere – my ultimate ‘Aaaaahhhh’ moment was standing in front of the Solly Smook exhibition opening at The Highlander, in Worcester Street, on Thursday 2 July. His work literally took my breathe away! I love the contemporary way he uses colours in the shadows, I adore his modern colour pallets and mixing that in with a new take on classical poses and subject matter is just gorgeous. Needles to say, I was smitten. I think my friends are all sick to death of hearing about my ‘aaaah moment’ already … but standing in front of a bank of his work is not something you quickly forget! Unfortunately this love affair with his gorgeous work is destined to be an unrequited love until ‘one day when I’m big’ and I can afford one of his beautiful pieces … sigh!

Also at the Highlander opening was the work of the esteemed sculptural high master, Bruce Little, who is a Grahamstown local, showcasing some gorgeous bronze pieces as well as some lovely silver work. Bruce has studios in the industrial area and a stall at the village green – his work makes for easy travel gifts, they’re pretty hardy and easy to pack.

Ros Paul was our gracious hostess of the evening; she played out a delicious finger feast including freshly baked, and still warm, Banneton bread! Delish, thanks Ros!

Mary Fowlds‘ showcased her beautiful brush work in some beautiful large scale animal and floral paintings, as expected many of them were sold even before the exhibition opening!

Belinda Arde also brought belle parti di arte my heart couldn’t take it’s eyes off of, her soulful portraits just drew me in through her use of light and negative space throughout her collection … like if a 50mm Canon lens could paint it would produce her style of work … leading me to once again wish for that ‘one day’ when I can swagger into such an exhibition and BUY! But one day …

Please pop in to see the rest of the work at The Highlander and show your support and interest, it’s an absolutely lovely little collection with amazing ‘Aaaaah’ value!

The group of ladies in the pic half way down the blog are (from left to right): Astrid McLeod of The Gallery Riebeek Kasteels represening Solly Smook, Belinda Arde (renowned Cape Town artist, known for her portraiture), Ros Paul owner of The Highlander Grahamstown, Shirley Pittaway (artist and teacher The Art Gallery on Stanley Port Elizabeth) and Karen Flood (artist from PE and represented by Gallery on Stanley).


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